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Zachary Alvarado

Esther Boyer College of Music, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

Zachary Alvarado, born and raised in Philadelphia, loves creativity –in all types of art–
and the understanding of culture! He’s been studying music since 2009, having an appreciation for it since before he was born (“Thanks, Titi”). Zachary loves to make people feel through his performance, which he believes is an excellent accomplishment as a performer. Having the ability to create, understand, and perform art is a skill close to his heart. Zachary tends to think creatively and place effort into the jobs he treasures, helping to make him an excellent musician.

Currently, he double majored in Music Theory and Voice Performance at Temple
University for his fifth semester. Having sung in three of the university’s choirs (Concerto Choir, Graduate Conductor’s Choir, and Opera Choir) Zachary is always willing to get into more musical opportunities. He has also achieved a solo in Philadelphia’s All City Choir, one of the many choirs he joined before Temple University. Many of the shows he has performed in were under the conducting of Mrs. Rosemary Shneider and Mrs. Kelly Wyszomierski, and he is currently learning voice with Dr. Lawrence Indik. While Zachary learns the functioning of music and how to enhance his skills in performing, he hopes to eventually become skilled in
composing, producing music, and eventually being known in all forms of art.

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