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Negar Ghasemi

Esther Boyer College of Music, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

Born in Iran, Negar Ghasemi is a pianist and recently a composer, studying her undergraduate in piano performance at Temple University. She began her studies in piano at the age of four in her mother’s music school. By the age of 8, she began to attend festivals in Europe and the Middle East. Prior to her immigration to the United States, she spent her first year of high school as a music major in her hometown, Karaj. Following her immigration to the United States, she continued her education as a music major and clarinet player at FLC school in Philadelphia, during which she was active as an accompanist for musical theater, and had the opportunity to enter All-City Philadelphia and PMEA as a clarinet player. 


She furthered her studies in music by taking music lessons with teachers including Kayoko Segawa, Emiko Edwards, Meng Hao and Sean Bailey. In 2019, she entered Boyer College of Music and Dance under the instruction of Sara Davis Buechner as her primary piano professor. In addition to her academic activities, she has been active as an accompanist, teacher, and composer during the past years. As an accompanist, she has served for the dance department in Boyer College. During the past year, her interest in piano pedagogy and her passion for serving the Iranian community led her to begin holding lessons for Iranian students during the pandemic, and holding workshops for piano performance in Iran during her visit in the current year. Followed by her activities within the Iranian community, she founded Pianozi, a piano pedagogy team that primarily serves Iranian students with an emphasis on raising the standards in the music education field within the Iranian community. In addition to Pianozi, she is active as a teacher in Cunningham Music School where she is focusing on children’s pedagogy. Negar has recently joined the world of composition as a tool to communicate her own voice and feelings with a broader range of audiences.

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